Why Customers Choose Us

Why Customers Choose Us 2018-02-06T14:39:08+00:00

Our customers rely on our 87 years experience and quality weighing systems daily to ensure that their payloads are accurately weighed at high speed which increases productivity and profits.

“Static and High Speed In-Motion Weighing” is a very specialised field, and Trakblaze is the only company in the world that has the most comprehensive range of Train, Truck, Mining and Aircraft scales and weighing equipment including – high speed in motion train weighbridge and portable train scales for all passenger, freight trains, rail workshop and any type of rail or road vehicle.

Trakblaze has an industry reputation of building quality, reliable and tough / robust weighing systems for our valued customers which a relatively simple to install and require low maintenance.

Our weighing systems are manufactured under strict conditions, using only the latest loadcell technology which is coupled to our superior weighing software.

Take the time to contact us, just like our valued customers did before investing in a weigh in motion scale; as installing an inferior scale without maintenance capability, onsite servicing, spare parts and calibration will become a costly mistake. A mistake that will interrupt production, cause unnecessary downtime and ultimately drive down profits.

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