Trakblaze partners with CROSS Zlin – OptiWIM.

Friday, 03rd August

Trakblaze proudly announces that we have now partnered with @CROSS Zlin, in delivering to Australasia – OptiWIM®; a Fibre-Optic Weigh In Motion (WIM) system which rewrites WIM innovation using patented unique Fibre-Optic Technology.
Imagine a WIM system that can;
• Measure at Class A3 with +- 3% accuracy
• Provide the highest precision in free-flow traffic
• Measure vehicles during lane changes
• Detect and graph underinflated tyres
• Measure full axle widths and lengths
• Provide photographic images
• Enforcement of overloaded vehicles – ‘Toll per Tonne’
Well imagine no more, OptiWIM® provides all of this and more….including a 10 year lifetime guarantee!

TRAKMATE™ – Weighing & Balancing Locos, Trains & Wagons Worldwide

Friday, 22nd June

From Sydney Trains in Auburn to Downers in Newport, across the Pacific Ocean into Indonesia and Guangzhou in China and now the largest locomotive weighing and balancing system in Indiana , USA for our North American Agent – TRAKMATE™ is fast becoming recognised as the most accurate and reliable weighing and balancing system for all types of rail vehicles.

So what sets TRAKMATE™ apart from other weighing and balancing systems?

Since inception back in 1997, TRAKMATE™ has transformed from just a blueprint design. Over the past 10 years, comprehensive research and development has been invested into TRAKMATE™ so that it could be uniquely adapted into any rail type without loss of accuracy to weigh any rail vehicle or locomotive.

“Today TRAKMATE™ is a bullet proof loadcell weighing and balancing platform that boasts high accuracy, reliability and adaptability,” says Scott Mayman, Business and Marketing Manager of Trakblaze Pty Ltd.

Installing a TRAKMATE™ weighing and balancing system can assist in the prevention of brake lockups and wheel flat spots, amongst other rail maintenance issues. This improves overall safety and reduces the possibility of derailments as well as rail vehicle and rail track infrastructure damage.

This system ensures evenly balanced rail vehicles, which then provides smoother mobility and in turn provides better fuel economy.

TRAKMATE™ is capable of being installed with minimal disruption to workshop facilities and the delivery and the versatility of the system adds reason to why the success of TRAKMATE™ continues to be recognised worldwide as a diverse proven weight and balancing system throughout rail workshops.

Of recently, TRAKMATE™ pasted rigorous testing in China before it was eventually entrusted to be commissioned at a Guangzhou Rail Depot to dynamically weigh and balance high speed passenger trains which can travel up to 320km/h! At these speeds, accuracy is paramount to ensure the balance of bogies are within tolerances and TRAKMATE™ has proven to deliver the repeatable accuracies required for the client.

Why Rail Operators choose TRAKMATE to Weigh & Balance Trains?

Friday, 06th April

TRAKMATE has fast become recognised as a trusted industry system to accurately weigh and balance rail cars, wagons, bogies, locomotives and trains.

So why are rail operators around the World, like Downer Rail choosing TRAKMATE to weigh and balance their rail investments?

Primarily it is because TRAKMATE finally offers rail operators an industry proven, reliable weighing and balancing system with outstanding repeat-ability, which can be adapted to seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure or customised to suit a civil contractors solutions; whatever the environment, TRAKMATE is adaptable.

But its not only the infrastructure adaptability of TRAKMATE that rail operators and civil contractors appreciate when considering a weighing and balancing solution, it is also about overall performance.

The performance of TRAKMATE is exceptional and most importantly, TRAKMATE consistently displays reliable accuracy through repeat-ability whether statically or in-motion across all weigh points. These results are then relayed via the user friendly software and displayed onscreen depicting the weight of each wheel, axle, bogie or car. The rail operator is then able to soundly make the required or necessary adjustments to balance the rolling stock.

For Downer Rail, performance, reliability and repeatable accuracy has always been at the forefront when weighing and balancing rolling stock, and as such an eight (8) point TRAKMATE was recently chosen to be the primary weighing and balancing system for Downer Rail in Newport, Victoria, Australia which would accurately weigh and classify sixty-five (65) High Capacity Metro Trains.

Following the success of the Newport workshop installation, Downer Rail ordered another TRAKMATE system for their Glendale, New South Wales, Australia workshop. At the Glendale facility, a TRAKMATE system was installed to automatically weigh both Static and In-Motion Warratah Train sets; the versatility of the TRAKMATE software allowed for the integration of RFID tag readers to complete this automation.

With RFID tags installed, Downer Rail could then productively and autonomously maintain the rolling stock and identify maintenance and or arising issues relating to wheel, axle, bogie and or car loads in each of the the 8 car Warratah Train sets.

To find out more on how TRAKMATE can solve your rail workshop weighing and balancing issues contact Trakblaze; or to visit our TRAKMATE page to find out more.

TRAKMATE features strongly at ASLRRA

Thursday, 05th April

On the back of progressive interest in the United States, TRAKMATE is fast becoming the talk of Short Rail Operators and will feature at this years SRLRRA (American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association) Expo at Gaylord Opryland Resort, Nashville – Booth # 111 – April 7 to 10, 2018.

American Agent – Southwestern Scale Co. Inc. – Mr Mark Murdza along with Trakblaze Operations Manager – Mr Dean Morfitt will be on hand to showcase and discuss the weighing and balancing benefits of the TRAKMATE system.

TRAKMATE is a technologically advanced software and loadcell based system specifically designed for weighing and balancing locomotives and rail cars in rail manufacturing, maintenance workshops, rail truck presses and other tailored or customised applications.

Do not miss this opportunity to personally speak with the leading experts as to how TRAKMATE can; Improve safety, Prevent possible derailments, Prevent brake lockups & wheel flat spots, Prevent rail car & rail track infrastructure damage and why Evenly balanced rail cars provide smoother mobility and better fuel economy.

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