IMME 2018 – High Interest – Force Mining & Infinity Scales…..

Friday, 16th November
IMME 2018

Trakblaze Pty Ltd (India) and IPA India – thank the Confederation of Indian Industry for arranging yet another successful International Mining & Machinery Exhibition.  We would also like to thank and acknowledge the Ministry of Mines Government of India, Coal India Limited, the Government of Jjarkhand and Australia Unlimited for their on going support for such an important exhibition – Trakblaze will certainly be looking forward to supporting IMME in 2020.
Over the 4 days of exhibiting, our Trakblaze India representative Mr. Vilas Pradhan met with various delegates and visitors across sectors of Mining and Rail Industries with particular interest  shown in our Force Mining Scale and Infinity Rail Scale.
Beyond the innovative design and ease of installation for both these products, was the high level of interest in the outstanding accuracies that the Force and Infinity Scales are able to attain dynamically….the Infinity Scale can even accurately weigh in curved loadout environments!
Owing to the necessity of speed verses accuracies within the Mining and Rail industries to compete in todays competitive markets; word has spread (post IMME expo) with interest  up significantly on both the Infinity Scale and Force Mining Scale – which is capable of dynamically weighing a Mining Dump Truck up to an unbeatable 12kph!

For further information on the Force Mining Scale or Infinity Scale do not hesitate to email:
Mr. Vilas Pradhan (INDIA) at:
Mr. Robert Gysberts (AUSTRALIA) at:

Trakblaze on show at IMARC 2018 – Stand D79

Tuesday, 30th October

Trakblaze IMARC Conference 2018

The International Mining and Resources Conference typically known as IMARC is Australia’s largest mining conference that brings together Global Mining Leaders from around the World to connect with Technology, Finance and the Future.

Trakblaze is proud to again support this conference and this year exhibit it’s latest volumetric technology for the Global Mining and Rail Industries.

The TVS (Truck Volumetric Scanner) & RVS (Rail Volumetric Scanner) are both industry specific volumetric scanning systems that are revolutionising the load out speed, accuracy and volumetric measurements. Both the TVS & RVS uses customised, multithreaded technology through advanced ‘auto scan’ software, developed specifically to allow direct acquisition of data from high speed 2D lasers over an IP network. The built-in custom developed software algorithms uses captured data to generate load volume scanner information and measurement parameters for each vehicle/wagon.

The immediate results of the TVS & RVS allows for improved productivity through full-time monitoring of mission critical data.

Take the time to visit our Trakblaze technicians at IMARC 2018 (Stand D79) to discuss your weighing and or volumetric scanning needs.


Trakblaze partners with CROSS Zlin – OptiWIM.

Friday, 03rd August
traffic monitoring systems

Trakblaze proudly announces that we have now partnered with @CROSS Zlin, in delivering to Australasia – OptiWIM®; a Fibre-Optic Weigh In Motion (WIM) system which rewrites WIM innovation using patented unique Fibre-Optic Technology.
Imagine a WIM system that can;
• Measure at Class A3 with +- 3% accuracy
• Provide the highest precision in free-flow traffic
• Measure vehicles during lane changes
• Detect and graph underinflated tyres
• Measure full axle widths and lengths
• Provide photographic images
• Enforcement of overloaded vehicles – ‘Toll per Tonne’
Well imagine no more, OptiWIM® provides all of this and more….including a 10 year lifetime guarantee!

TRAKMATE™ – Weighing & Balancing Locos, Trains & Wagons Worldwide

Friday, 22nd June
weighing and balancing

From Sydney Trains in Auburn to Downers in Newport, across the Pacific Ocean into Indonesia and Guangzhou in China and now the largest locomotive weighing and balancing system in Indiana , USA for our North American Agent – TRAKMATE™ is fast becoming recognised as the most accurate and reliable weighing and balancing system for all types of rail vehicles.

So what sets TRAKMATE™ apart from other weighing and balancing systems?

Since inception back in 1997, TRAKMATE™ has transformed from just a blueprint design. Over the past 10 years, comprehensive research and development has been invested into TRAKMATE™ so that it could be uniquely adapted into any rail type without loss of accuracy to weigh any rail vehicle or locomotive.

“Today TRAKMATE™ is a bullet proof loadcell weighing and balancing platform that boasts high accuracy, reliability and adaptability,” says Scott Mayman, Business and Marketing Manager of Trakblaze Pty Ltd.

Installing a TRAKMATE™ weighing and balancing system can assist in the prevention of brake lockups and wheel flat spots, amongst other rail maintenance issues. This improves overall safety and reduces the possibility of derailments as well as rail vehicle and rail track infrastructure damage.

This system ensures evenly balanced rail vehicles, which then provides smoother mobility and in turn provides better fuel economy.

TRAKMATE™ is capable of being installed with minimal disruption to workshop facilities and the delivery and the versatility of the system adds reason to why the success of TRAKMATE™ continues to be recognised worldwide as a diverse proven weight and balancing system throughout rail workshops.

Of recently, TRAKMATE™ pasted rigorous testing in China before it was eventually entrusted to be commissioned at a Guangzhou Rail Depot to dynamically weigh and balance high speed passenger trains which can travel up to 320km/h! At these speeds, accuracy is paramount to ensure the balance of bogies are within tolerances and TRAKMATE™ has proven to deliver the repeatable accuracies required for the client.

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