In 2014 the Transport Safety Bureau tabled its independent investigation into the occurrence of aviation take-off incidents both in Australia and Internationally that occurred between 1989 and 2009.   The report identified RISK CONTROL relative to human error involving incorrect take-off performance parameter calculations methods used as a contributing factor behind take-off incidents / accidents.  The report identified that a single solution for minimising or eliminating these errors was missing and made recommendations, including the need for a procedural SYSTEM CROSS-CHECK – ‘<em>Where more than one system is available for calculating take-off performance parameters, system manufacturers and airlines should consider provisions for cross-checking the data between both sources.</em>’

The Transport Safety Bureau further identified that as technology evolves, machines become more complex, which in turn affects the way in which humans and machines interrelate. This interaction has created a new set of error modes and one such error that continues to surface is the calculation or data entry of erroneous take-off performance parameters, relative to – Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW), Take-off Reference Speeds (V speeds) and importantly Total Overall Weight (TOW).

In 2016 there is still NO safety cross-checking system available to the Australian or International Aviation Industry, Pilots and/or Engineers, relative to one of the most critical factors in determining ‘take-off performance parameters’ – Total Overall Weight (TOW).

That is until Trakblaze designed and patented the Runweight™ Aircraft weighing system – which has the capabilities of weighing an A380 aircraft. The Runweight™ Aircraft weighing and balancing system is the forethought and expansion of Trakblazes long standing relationship in weighing enormous mining trucks, up to an incredible 12kph (7.5 mph), site dependant.

Runweight™ is an intelligent weights and balances system that is integrated seamlessly into an existing departure runway of an airport or airline maintenance facility. The Runweight™  system provides flight crew with highly accurate live cross-checking weights and balances data, prior to take-off.

For the first time in aviation history, Runweight™  offers airlines and flight crew a safety net solution to validate and cross-check any aircraft’s total weight and balances, whilst in motion and prior to take off and landing.


Safety first, aircraft weighbridge and balancing system. The Runweight weighbridge is....
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