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Mining, Rail, Road & Aircraft Weighing Systems


Trakblaze Global is a Rail, Mining and Road weighing systems company with over 85 years experience in research, development, design, manufacturing, servicing of Train Weighbridge, Mining Haul Truck Scales and portable weighbridges worldwide.

“Static and In-Motion Train, Truck and Vehicle Weighing” is a very specialized field, and Trakblaze is unique in that we have the most comprehensive range of Train, Truck and Vehicle scales and weighing equipment including, high speed in motion systems and portable train scales for all passenger, freight trains, rail workshop and any type of rail or road vehicle.

In 2001 Trakblaze was the first company globally to achieve high speed train weighing up to 85kmh Govt. trade approved.

With over 300 train and truck weighing systems installed worldwide, Trakblaze has become the leader in Train and Mining Truck Weighbridges supply.

All of our Train Weighbridge and Portable Mining Haul Truck Scales involve “Load Cell” technology which is the only genuinely recognized method of long term accurate and reliable train weighing and uses the same principal as weighbridges, truck scales, personal scales and every other general scale is based upon.

The scales were great to set up and worked very well!
You are very professional to deal with, you have a great team there.
Once again thanks for the service.

Wade T - (Operations Manager)

Wade T - (Operations Manager)
Lovton Coal

This combined with our IT, mechanical and electronic weighing engineers, makes “Trakblaze” the leader in Static and In-Motion Truck and Train Weighing systems. Although “Static” & “In-motion” truck and train weighing is our main focus, we also manufacture and supply similar systems for Road Transport, Truck and Weighbridges.

Trakblaze Rail and Road weighing systems aim for the future is to continually be recognized as the weighing experts throughout the world.