FORCE 1 – The Worlds TOUGHEST Weigh In-Motion Truck Scale

FORCE 1 – The Worlds TOUGHEST Weigh In-Motion Truck Scale 2018-02-23T12:50:05+00:00

The FORCE 1 truck axle weighbridge scale was specifically designed to endure the Worlds most challenging of environments whilst specifically addressing high accuracy for the transport industry.

With 87 years experience Trakblaze understands the risks and problems associated with overloading and the FORCE 1  truck axle weighbridge scale is capable of accurately measuring any combination of transport vehicle whilst in-motion, up to an unbeatable 12kmh (7mi).

Not only is the FORCE1 the Worlds TOUGHEST transport scale but it is also compact and slimline in design and only requires a limited space unlike conventional truck weighbridges which take up valuable yard space.

Time is critical in the transport industry and the FORCE1 truck weighbridge scale will increase your overall production and profit by allowing your fleet to quickly and accurately measure loads on the go… well as addressing the OH&S and maintenance risks associated with overloading.

The Speed and Accuracy of the FORCE 1 truck weighbridge scale is so unique, it is capable of weighing a B-Double truck in 15 seconds!*

 – saving valuable time and money.

Controller PC Software

The FORCE system features either a touch screen PC controller mounted in weatherproof enclosure or PC based rack system loaded with Trakblaze proven and reliable software that is user friendly to accurately measure the load on each wheel either statically or in motion up to an unbeatable speed of 12kmh*. The total truck weight is then derived from summation of the individual wheel and axle loads and displayed on the PC interface

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Trakblaze FORCE Truck Axle Weighbridge Scale
Trakblaze FORCE Weigh In-Motion Truck Axle Weighbridge Scale

Robust, Accurate, Reliable and User Friendly

Basically Service free and simple to install and maintain

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