MTW – Mobile Train Weighing

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Mobile Train Weighing takes the scale to the train, anywhere, anytime!

MTW – Mobile Train Weigher


The MTW Mobile Train Weigher is an accurate, robust and reliable mobile train weighing system that can be transported in the boot of a car or utility or train cabin and set up to weigh and spot check a rail vehicle/train anywhere static or in motion.

Offers one of the world’s most convenient, safe & accurate mobile train weighing solutions.

The MTW Mobile Train Weigher design incoporates a chassis arrangement with an integrated loadcell, this design means weight is applied directly to the loadcell and not

through the rail. The advantage of weighing axle by axle is that there is no restriction with regards to wagon type. The MTW is factory pre-calibrated, so that no transport of test weights or calibrated wagons are required.

The MTW is ideal for spot checking of weights and or for short term weighing of rail vehicles.


  • User friendly

  • Five easy steps to install

  • (2 men – approx. 15mins/system)

  • Transportable in the boot of a car

  • Loadcell based system

  • Static and Dynamic weighing

  • Wheel, axle, bogie, wagon and total train weight

  • Up to 4 x MTW systems can be combined

  • Fits into any gauge of track

  • Fits most rail sizes

  • No track downtime during installation

  • No costly civil works required

  • No test train required for calibration

  • Instant printout or download to PC


  • No Track downtime during installation

  • No costly civil works required

  • No test train required for calibration

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Technical Data

5 Step Easy Install

Mobile Train Weighing Equipment

Step 1
MTW ready to be assembled

Mobile Train Weighing Measuring Gauge

Step 2
Measuring the height

Mobile Train Weighing Shoes

Step 3
Attaching the shoes

Mobile Train Weighing Installation

Step 4
Inserting the MTW into the track

Mobile Train Weighing Cable

Step 5
Connecting the cables

Consists of (single base unit)

  • 2 x Loadcells

  • 2 x Scale main bodies

  • 1 x Set of rail keys (to suit nominated rail type)

  • 1 x Set of spacer poles (to suit track gauge)

  • 1 x Set of packers

  • 1 x Height measuring rod (to suit nominated track gauge)

  • 1 x Weight indicator and printer housed in carry case

  • 1 x Battery charger

  • 1 x Spanner

  • 1 x Cable set

  • Operation manual

Trakblaze MTW, Mobile Train Weighing Scales Transport Box

MTW Transport & Storage Box

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