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INFINITY-LS Low Speed In Motion Train Weighbridges

INFINITY-LS Low Speed In Motion Train Weighbridges

Infinity – LS ® formally known as LTS4 – Electronic weigh sleeper in-motion train scale up to 15 Km/h

Infinity-LS In Motion Train Weighbridges are the ideal low speed (up to 15kmh) solution for mine loadouts, industrial plants, cement, power stations, steel mills etc. It consists of 2 electronic weigh sleepers & 4 dummy sleepers braced together forming one solid structure, including accessories, control cabinet and PC train weighing software.

Installation of the Infinity-LS train weighing system takes approximately 1 ~ 2 days. Concrete foundation or civil works are not always required. However, this is greatly dependent upon site conditions, although some form of ballast stabilisation is highly recommended.

A unique bracing technique has been used to provide maximum stability of the train scale in the ballast. This also helps to eliminate impact effects at the weighing transition points by having the steel framework as one complete rigid section greatly enhancing weighing accuracy and scale reliability.

Train weighing results can be accessed from any location via the internet.

The Infinity-LS train scale is installed one wagon or more out from the loadout and provides the operator bogie and wagon weight data in real time. This unique train weighing system enables the loading operator to regulate the filling so that the wagons are not overloaded. Weight data storage, printout & other features are available.

All TRAKBLAZE rail and road weighing systems are genuine load cell based weighing systems providing long term repeatability and accuracy.

Weighing Speed Accuracy
0.1 -15 km/h 1% to 2% wagon approx.
0.5% total train approx.

‘Higher speeds available’

Note: Accuracies are based upon track, rolling stock and foundation conditions, Higher speeds may be achievable


  • Actual reliable load cell based system
  • No rail cutting, welding or grinding required
  • Minimal installation/repair track down time
  • Temperature compensated

Infinity LS being installed at a Rio Tinto mine site in Australia

Installation in concrete for New Zealand Govt. Power Station

This system is a “NOT LEGAL FOR TRADE USE” unit, please check with your local authorities for clarification/confirmation regarding this requirement.

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice

View INFINITY-LS Train Scale video here