TRAKMATE™ – Weighing & Balancing Locos, Trains & Wagons Worldwide

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From Sydney Trains in Auburn to Downers in Newport, across the Pacific Ocean into Indonesia and Guangzhou in China and now the largest locomotive weighing and balancing system in Indiana , USA for our North American Agent - TRAKMATE™ is fast becoming recognised as the most accurate and reliable weighing and balancing system for all types [...]

TRAKMATE features strongly at ASLRRA

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On the back of progressive interest in the United States, TRAKMATE is fast becoming the talk of Short Rail Operators and will feature at this years SRLRRA  (American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association) Expo at Gaylord Opryland Resort, Nashville - Booth # 111 - April 7 to 10, 2018. American Agent - Southwestern Scale Co. Inc. [...]

Volumetric Scanning Surpassing Expectations

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The recent release of Trakblaze's 'Truck Volumetric Scanner' or TVS has surpassed all expectations. The Global Mining Industry is realising the direct benefits of real-time Volumetric Scanning Systems to monitor mine haul trucks in combination with the use of our Force Mining Scales (the Worlds Toughest Mining Scales) to accurately measure loads of bulk loose solids [...]

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Wireless Mobile Train Weighing – MTW

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Exciting wireless weighing times ahead for the Rail Industry with the much awaited release of our Wireless MTW™- Mobile Train Weigher. It has been 2 years of research, design and manufacturing with countless hours testing, before commissioning and finally releasing our robust Wireless MTW™. "Obviously the Wireless MTW™ is without doubt the future for rail workshops [...]

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MTW weighs Kembla Coal Reclaimer

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Port Kembla Coal Terminal operates two track-mounted operator-controlled bucket-wheel reclaimers that reclaim the coal from the stockpiles for delivery via conveyor belts to the ship loaders. Kembla are installing a new reclaimer and demolishing the existing Reclaimer which is to be removed from the stockyard over a bridge and transported to a dedicated demolition area. This project required [...]

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Trakblaze heads to American Short Line Expo.

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You will find Trakblaze assisting our American agent - Southwestern Scale Company at this weekends American Short Line Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) annual conference which is more than an Exhibition. The ASLRRA encompasses educational railroad breakout tracks with discussion forums one current trends, changes, or developments in the rail industry with presentations by industry leaders, safety [...]

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India Embraces Trakblaze Technology

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In light of much controversy surrounding the integrity and accuracies of weighing companies supplying weighing instruments to both the Indian Rail and Mining industries, Trakblaze has passed the test and measures up as a reliable company with outstanding product accuracies. HINDUSTAN ZINC (HZL) INDIA The world’s toughest mining scale, the ‘Force’ with its unbeatable dynamic accuracies has been [...]

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MTR Corporation

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PI 2884 – Mobile Train Weighing Facility Decision for Purchase for Hong Kong Metro The Mobile Train Weighing Facility (MTW), which was initially hired from Trakblaze Australia for measuring the wheel and axle loads of our airport railway EMU fleet has excellent performance and is very user friendly. After one month of use, we decided to [...]

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Queensland Rail

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Trakblaze have installed and commissioned a Solar weighing system on the Mt Isa corridor at a location called Toonpan, approximately 20km west of Townsville. The initial verification was completed in August 2003. It was recently recertified to initial certification tolerances in June 2005 using reference wagons to 80t and at speeds up to 85km/h. This re-certification [...]

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